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7.5 GBP
  • Permanent
Upon purchasing this package you will receive:


20% Salary Boost

Access to Prop Core/HTTP/Holograms and Money Request E2 Functions

Access to PAC3

VIP Printers

Cool Chat Tag

Discord Role

Access to VIP Jobs

Prop Limit Upgrade: 150
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Custom amount
  • Permanent
If you'd like to just donate to help out the server. Do so here. We would be extremely thankful!
In Game Cash
Custom amount
  • Permanent
For every £1 you donate you will receive $200,000 In Game Cash!
Ask A Senior Admin+ to assign!
Custom Job
15 GBP
  • Permanent
With the custom job package you receive:
Any Name
Any Model from Steam Workshop
5 Weapons (Excl. Jihad Bomb & Lightsaber)
2 Steam IDs authed.
Criminal/Government/Hitman/Citizen Choice.
$300 Salary (20% bonus if VIP)
$250,000 In Game Cash
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  • Permanent
You will spawn with a Lightsaber on every spawn!
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Trial VIP
  • Non Permanent
You will get VIP access for 24 hours. Just a little teaser of the fun VIPs can have!
Can only be activated once.